Garden Curio for indoor/outdoor growing

  30"w x 24"d x 5'h 

Base Model Cost: $900.00

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Features include:

  • Available in Bronze & White Finishes
  • Aluminum & Glass Greenhouse
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Snow Load to Exceed 45lb per sq.
  • Prefabricated Pre-Cut Pre-Drilled
  • Commercial Grade Sealants Throughout
  • 1/8” Clear Tempered Safety Glass
  • Heavy Duty, Aluminum Door
  • Full View Glass in Cabinet
  • Perfect for the Hobby Gardener
  • DIY'ers welcome! Easy to Assemble
  • Wide array of accessories including:
  • Fans, Coolers, Heaters, Misting Systems, Glass shelves, Pot hanging brackets, Inline Pans, Interior lights, Screen Door Insert, Lexan Panels, Grow lights.        
  • Grow Year Round Indoors or Start your Seedlings Outdoors 
  • This mini greenhouse cabinet has all the same features built into it that one of our full-sized greenhouses would have. It’s a sealed glass case using commercial sealants and all aluminum weather resistance materials. Simply buy climate equipment to regulate the temperature inside the greenhouse. Whether you purchase climate equipment form us or any other supplier. We have available AC units, humidifiers, misting systems, heaters, fans, glass shelves, pot hanging brackets, inline pans, interior lights, screen door inserts, Lexan panels, grow lights, etc.

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Used for:

Indoor Plant Growing: Whether you want to grow tropical plants in your living room or herbs & micro greens in your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with this state-of-the-art mini greenhouse. Even if you live in an apartment, you can grow in your living room. Grow anything from cactuses, Orchids, Topicals, Succulents, etc. You control the climate in this greenhouse.

Outdoor Plant Growing: Whether you use it as a practical mini growing greenhouse, seedlings in the winter or to keep your plants safe for winter storage. This is an excellent small greenhouse for all or any growing purposes. The greenhouse has plenty of space for all your blooming flowers, sprouting plants, and fresh vegetables. Tough & Durable sturdy and rustproof made of commercial grade 6061 aluminum and tempered safety glass allowing for excellent light transmission, is non-toxic, corrosion resistant, low temperature resistant, waterproof, and ultraviolet proof. It’s a Plant Guardian Neither freezing-cold winter nor sizzling-hot summer does any good to your plants and the Janco mini-Greenhouse comes in to shelter your plants from extreme heat or cold. Relatively constant temperature and humidity help plants grow earlier and survive longer.

Display Case: Whether it’s for jewelry, figurines, antiques, apparel, tools, plants, etc. This is a beautiful display case with adjustable shelves, optional locks, and optional interior lighting. The all glass and aluminum look sharp and will draw eyes towards it. The Janco Curio is built using high quality materials not a cheap looking standard issue that you see everywhere. Set your self apart with this unique looking display case.       

Terrarium: Whether you’re using it for a Reptile Zoo, pet cage or just for nature observation. This all glass & aluminum Terrarium is high quality and offers a safe place to keep your pet & reptile friends. We offer allot of features for this setup including heating options, exterior locks, screen panels, Lexan panels, floor pans, and no escape possible.    

Outdoor Storage: Whether it’s for decor on a patio, display Nik naks, garden tools, pool & spa storage, etc. If you need to keep your stuff out of the elements this is the perfect outdoor storage cabinet. It’s roomy, adjustable, durable, and long lasting.  

Shelves: Four-Tier Construction: Each greenhouse comes with 6 shelves, measuring 28” x 9 5/8” and holding up to 25lbs per shelve. With 3 sets of adjustable angles to enable you to set your desired number of shelves to suit your needs, especially for the taller plants and staggering sections throughout the Garden Curio.

Easy Installation: This mini greenhouse can be assembled or disassembled in a matter of hours easily and conveniently. You only need a couple of tools for this installation, a ratchet set, pan head screwdriver, box knife, wrench and a screw gun. Installation video coming soon.