Victorian Greenhouses

These exquisite Janco products hearken back to the Victorian era with their impeccable style, practicality and commanding presence. Originally made from timber and wrought iron, Victorian greenhouses were a status symbol – a staple in many traditional English gardens. Today, modernized versions of these structures can be found in a wide range of gardens, both big and small, all over the world.

The Janco range of Victorian greenhouses caters to this universal desire for a stately garden structure, and does so with unbeatable quality and superior design. Featuring robust aluminum framework and slender glass paneling, a trademark of the Victorian era, these structures are both a joy to look at and a pleasure to work within.

Standard Sizes Lean-To Design Straight Eave Design
Standard Sizes Lean-To Design Curved Eave Design

LEAN-TO Greenhouses

The JANCO lean-to will enhance any home. With many lean-to models to choose from your dollar value is protected by our experience in manufacturing.

JANCO is a manufacturer that has a complete selection in all lean-to models; La, straight-eave, curved-eave, built-up (to set on a masonry wall), or the popular glass - to - ground (requiring only a foundation to 8" above grade).


Janco even-span or free-standing models provide real gardening pleasure, and there is a model to fit the smallest lot or the largest estate. Plants grow better because of the greater amount of exposed glass area.

The increased sunlight stimulates plant growth and free-standing models can be placed to fit almost any type of terrain. A spot near trees can give you natural shade in summer; when the leaves fall, you will then have ample sunlight for winter. Even-span and free-standing models are equipped with full-length roof ventilators which are the same as those used in large commercial greenhouses.

Models can be attached to your house to give you the same ease of access you would obtain from lean-to models. Plumbing and electric costs would be similar while increasing your growing area by about 50%.

Standard Sizes Free-Standing Straight Eave Design
Standard Sizes Free-Standing Curved Eave Design

Ample growing heights and spacious interiors come as standard throughout the Victorian range. Choose whichever product best suits your needs – a Classic Camellia can be used to pursue your hobby, while the Victorian Rancher is ideal for a varied and well-established garden.

If you’re looking for a Grand statement piece to complete your garden, look no further than a Janco Victorian greenhouse – the perfect combination of historic beauty and elegant architecture.

Our most popular accessories

  • Ridge-vent system & Side Vent is fully functional - for maximum efficiency and plant comfort.
  • I-beam heavy gauge aluminum frame with stainless-steel hardware.
  • Framing members accept a "T" bolt & nut to hang accessories & plants from the rigid frame.
  • Fully modular and expandable
  • Aluminum Doors & Windows Design and made by Janco

Auto Vent System - Offered for either ridge or side-vent systems
Horizontal airflow fans - Reduces plant disease & helps maintain even room temperature
Auxiliary ventilation - Thermostatically controlled Exhaust fan with motorized intake louver
Evaporative Cooling Systems - Thermostatically controlled self-contained system features 2 speed motors
Plant Benches - Sturdy framing and attractive design
Watering - Mist-o-Matic systems sense the amount of watering that has been applied on your plants

Ask your salesmen about our full range of controllers, humidifiers, and shading systems for all your growing needs.

Custom Entrance Ways Can be added to your greenhouse. These entrances add a unique appealing style that sets your greenhouse apart from a standard A-frame. These areas can also create a decontamination zone, or control zone for bugs and contaminants.

This entrance way greenhouse above is located at the Buhl Mansion Guesthouse & spa in Sharon, PA. This greenhouse was a complete redesign of an existing Victorian era greenhouse from the early 1900's. Janco redesigned the greenhouse to sit on the exact wall that was there keeping the original greenhouse’s exact dimensions and early era design. Now they have a working growing greenhouse that supplies food for the facility and provides a nice area for banquets and weddings. This entire project was built and completed in a three month period.

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