The Janco Solaroom Sunrooms & Conservatories

Janco has a glass structure designed especially for enclosing living spaces. Our entire greenhouse family incorporates innovative features in construction.

The most notable of these features in the Solaroom includes a heavy gauge tubular framing system, concealed connections and a wide variety of glazing systems. This gives the owner of a solaroom a much broader choice when selecting interior furnishings.

Hidden integral gutters in both the framing members and special gaskets work together to channel any condensate to the exterior of the structure.

There is virtually no limit for its use, whether it be extending a dining area, living room, kitchen, family room, hot tub enclosure, restaurant, store front entrance way, office, hotel, or atrium. Of course, you can use your solaroom for growing plants too, but a Janco Solaroom is mainly designed as an elegant living area.

The simple lines of the rectangular section give the structure elegance. by virtue of the glazing capabilities of the Janco factory. The Janco factory-sealed insulated glass panels are specifically designed for solar living spaces.

Janco has been the choice of many architects and designers when it comes to creating glass structures. Our systems complement any project with elegance, style and energy efficiency. The commitment to innovative design and manufacturing techniques makes a JANCO conservatory a dramatic showcase. The professionals at J. A. Nearing Company Inc. have the experience to integrate all the unique building and construction issues that are inherent in any conservatory plan.

The JANCO modular design system allows the use of standard units, in any combination, to economically create your own solaroom.

For more information and consultation, our representatives are uniquely qualified to advise you on the any of JANCO's products.

Door & Window Options

Double Door
Heavy duty commercial grade swing door with 1 3/4" frame & jamb, by 5" tube. Upper panel to be insulated glass or single pane.

Size : 6' - 4" x 7' - 2"

Commercial Door
Heavy duty commercial grade swing door with 1 3/4" frame & jamb, by 5" tube. Upper panel to be insulated glass or single pane.

Size : 3' - 4" x 7' - 2"

Hobby Door
Heavy duty hobby made by Janco since 1954. The door is designed to fit perfectly into our greenhouse lines.

Size : 2'-9 1/4" x 6' - 8"

Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged on top and open outward, enabling ventilation without letting in rain or falling leaves. Screens are on the inside of the window, where they're more protected from the elements.

Size : 30" x 31.25"

Sliding Windows

Horizontal Slider windows open with the sash sliding left or right. Some people find sliding windows easier and faster to open than crank-style windows.

Size : Custom Order

Hung Windows

In the single hung window, the bottom sash moves up to open and allow in air flow. The top sash is fixed.

Size : Custom Order

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