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Whether we are replacing broken glass, aluminum glazing bars or any other item related to your greenhouse, Janco will provide professional services to get your greenhouse working again. We also have expert installers who can be available to get your repairs done professionally.

We do the following:

  • - Curved glass both single pane and insulated. Most sizes in stock and available for immediate shipment.
  • - Straight tempered glass in any dimension and configuration. Both single and insulated glass available.
  • - All glass is tempered.
  • - In addition to repairing Janco greenhouses, we can repair or replace the following: Lord and Burhnam, Solar Innovations, Rough Bros. and other manufacturers.
  • - We also service benches, controls, heaters and coolers and many other accessories.

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We have been asked many questions before and have never felt that any one question or concerns were too small or not relevant. We have included here some common ones that may help you. Please call or contact us if you need more information or have questions of your own.

is a building permit needed?

Yes but not always deepends on the size in most cases. The specific requirements are established by local building and zoning codes and regulations. Detailed drawings, material specifications and assembly instructions provided by JANCO for each model makes the process of obtaining local permits and approvals much easier and less stressful.

Do I need a builder/contractor?

While JANCO's standard structures are significant projects for the average homeowner, the structure itself is prefabricated and comes with comprehensive assembly instructions. The average do it yourselfer with a little patience should be able to assemble the structure properly. However, other parts of the project should be done by qualified licensed contractors. Those tasks include but are not limited to, foundation, electrical, plumbing and mechanical work. Most homeowners elect to hire a contractor to perform the entire project.

What type of flooring is required?

Floor selection can be based on your use and personal choice. Flooring can be earth, gravel, chipped stone, concrete slab, brick, patio stone or other type of surface that works best for you.

How do I select the right size and model greenhouse for me?

That depends on many factors. The architecture of your home. What and how much you want to grow. Do you want it attached to your home or another building on you property. Do you want it to be a free-standing structure. How much you want to spend JANCO's expertise and one-on-one service from initial contact to project completion helps you make the best decisions for years of satisfaction and sound investment.

What are the basic differences between a greenhouse and a sunroom?

JANCO Solarooms are designed to add beautiful, light-filled space to your home and to enclose living and recreational areas that increase fun and comfort year round. They are ideal to add a family room, enclose a pool or hot tub, customize an elegant bath suite or provide a year-round patio environment. Just use you imagination. JANCO has to perfect answer. Greenhouses, on the other hand are for growing plants, flowers,or vegetables in a controlled environment. Greenhouses require special features and equipment to satisfy five basic functions: heating, cooling, shading, ventilation and humidification.

How do I know what equipment I need in my greenhouse?

We offer a complete line of manual and automated equipment and accessories sized for your individual greenhouse, its location, temperature zone and plants and flowers you want to grow. And our expert advice helps you select the correct combination.

How do I get more information and get started?

Just complete an information request click here.

Or pick up the phone during regular business hours and call 1-800-323-6933 You'll receive our FREE catalog filled with models, ideas, photos, drawings, pricing, sizes and helpful information. Plus, JANCO's expertise is always available to you on a personal, one-on-one basis. Just make a free phone call to 1-800-323-6933.

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